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Hole In One Club - Crooked Hollow

Hole in One 2013

Ronald Fitzgerald aced the 183 yard #7 using a 6 iron on Dec. 3rd.  Witnesses were Laurey Harper, Donnie Savage, Raymond Hopkins & Tom Alexander.

Michael Harris had a hole in one one the 115 yard #9 using a SW on Oct. 28th. Witnesses were Bernard Kimble, Greg Kennedy & Cedric Johnson.

Rodney Langley use a 6 iron to ace the 150 yard #15 on Sept. 11th. Witnesses were Gary and Gayle.

Charlie Robinson aced the 140 yard #12 using a 9 iron on July 25th. Witnessed by Jerry Aaron.

Dennis Murray had a hole in one on the 140 yard #12 using an 8 iron on May 22nd. Witnesses were Bill Mayhan & Darrell Cooley.

Garland Lewis used a PW to ace the 102 yard #9 on Feb. 8th. Witnesses were Richard Hadwin, Bob Wolf & Ronnie Hannigan.

Hole in One 2011

Del Sowders used a 5 iron to aced the 170 yard #15 on 3/12/2011. Witnesses were Hazel Sowders and Kirk Brodd.

Hole in One 2010

Steve Eyler had a hole in one on the 170 yard #15 using a 6 iron on 12/17/2010. Witness was Kirk Martinson.

Jerry Carter
aced the 160 yard 12th hole using a nine iron on 6/14/10. Witnesses were Barry Wells, Jerry Hightower, Cecil Betteny, and Jerry Miller.

Jim Johnson used an eight iron to ace the 140 yard #12 for a hole in one on 4/18/10. Witnesses were Mark Walkup, Phillip Eckels, David Bagley, and Clint Bagley.

Buck Gibb had a hole in one on the 140 yard #12 using a seven iron on 4/02/10. Witnesses were Cam Thompson and Country Thompson.

Steve Richmond used a nine iron to ace the 130 yard #9 on 3/15/10. Witnesses were Jackie Richmond, Clay Toms, and Janet Neucere.